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Brozzi snc is a leading Company in the reconditioning and
repairing of the graphic and cardboard machines. It is based on the
twenty-year experience of the two owners as mechanics and is present in the Italian,
European and Latin American market.
The company

BOBST SP 142 E 100 x 140 - Hot Foil


Brozzi guarantees its professional experience along with personalized projects.
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Brozzi guarantees the training
of the working personnel
of its customers.
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Short times for
delivery, assembly
and final test.
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by Mauro and Stefano Brozzi
Via Sandro Penna, 68/A
Industrial area "Sant'Andrea delle Fratte"
06132 Perugia - Italy
Phone nr. +39 075.5287770
Fax +39 075.5287710
email: info@brozzisnc.com